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1) A trip to the river
2) A mini holiday in Iasi
(Five o\'clock), five o'clock, I got dressed quickly, I took two sandwiches, some juice and I hurried to the bus station with my parents. When I arrived there, Lizi was waiting for me. My parents and I , have stud the
3) Excursie
4) Norton Commander
5) Pronumele - The Noun
(Five o\'clock), five minutes, it will automatically turn itself down. Let's buy ourselves a chair for the garden. They built the house themselves. 5.3.3. Pronumele nehotarate Some, any, every se pot combina cu
6) Robin Hood and The Black Cloak
(Five o\'clock), five pounds?- For ten pounds?’ Nobody answered. Then an old man in a black cloak came forward and said. ‘I can do the job all right.’ At once there were angry shouts from the crowd.
7) Clasa de procesoare MCS 48
8) Jane eyre - rezumat pe capitole
(Five o\'clock), five o’clock, the students disperse, and Jane collapses to the floor. Deeply ashamed, she is certain that her reputation at Lowood has been ruined, but Helen assures her that most of the girls f
9) The verb
10) Timpurile limbii engleze
(Five o\'clock), five cups of coffee a day. In aceasta intrebuintare mai pot fi folosite inca 2 constructii: a) used to+infinitiv:actiuni sau stari trecute in special atunci cand vrem sa facem un
11) Jurnal de lectura
(Five o\'clock), Five o'clock" actiunea se desfasoara in casa surorilor Piscopescu , desi nu sunt multe personaje , cele doua surori fac destula galagie, incat ajung sa nu se mai inteleaga , lipsa de cultura facandu-l
12) Glimpses of London
(Five o\'clock), five main collections: Botany, Entomology, Mineralogy, Palaeontology and Zoology. The museum is a world-renowned centre of research, specialising in taxonomy, identification and conservation. Give
13) Big Ben
14) An encounter in the mist
15) A day of my life
16) Timpurile modului inactiv
17) The Article
18) Pasivul
19) Verbele modale
20) A mini holiday in Iasi
21) A trip to the river
22) Caracterizarea principalelor componente harware si software