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Titlu referat Nota Nivel
Olimpiada de limba engleza faza pe judet Municipiul Bucuresti 10.00 Liceu
Olimpiada de limba engleza faza nationala 10.00 Liceu
Apple pie 9.96 Liceu
Dictionar englez roman litera E 9.85 Liceu
Dictionar englez roman litera F 10.00 Liceu
Dictionar englez roman litera G 10.00 Liceu
The boundaries of science-fiction in Isaac Asimov's novels 10.00 Liceu
The last leaf 10.00 Liceu
The so-called Students Revolutions 10.00 Liceu
Aspects of contract and negligence for business 9.95 Facultate
Car insurance is an absolute necessity for anyone who drives a car 10.00 Facultate
English homework 9.08 Gimnaziu
Test in english 9.57 Liceu
Saying goodbye 9.92 Liceu
The moon 9.95 Liceu
The prodigy 10.00 Liceu
Cameleon - Story board 9.85 Facultate
A sea-faring mystery conspiracy theories 9.80 Liceu
A day in the life of a Romanian farmer 10.00 Liceu
Basics of X-ray diffraction 10.00 Facultate
Voigt - function model in diffraction line-broadening analysis 10.00 Liceu
Meditation by George Carlin 10.00 Liceu
The tower of London 10.00 Liceu
Life before mobile phones were invented 10.00 Liceu
Balance sheet - a static picture 10.00 Facultate
Monetary policy and fiscal policy 10.00 Liceu
Transport and communications in the United Kingdom 10.00 Liceu
Sibiu cultural capital of Europe 10.00 Facultate
Cultural constraints and the acquisition of language 9.96 Facultate
Management is nothing more than motivating other people 9.97 Facultate
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