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1) Simularea pe calculator a procesului de cristalizare fractionata cu ajutorul programului chemlab
(present), present dissertation is about a computer simulation of chemical process of fractionated crystallisation using the ChemLab
2) A study on the detective story
(present), present paper.      The XX-th century is coming to an end. Literature worldwide has experienced all kinds of narrative structures( if we are to refer only to prose) along the time , from the total
3) Endangered species
(present), present one of the greatest threats. Maternity colonies wont tolerate any disturbance, especially when flightless newborn young are present. Thousands of baby bats may be dropped to their deaths or ab
4) The energy story
(present), present in a nuclear reactor.      The reaction also creates radioactive material. This material could hurt people if released, so it is kept in a solid form. The very strong concrete dome in the
5) Thomas hardy
(present), presentative of the late Victorian literature, Thomas Hardy, was among the novelists who marked the transition to XXth century English and American fiction. He wro
6) Dry cell
(present), present in the solid phase at the cathode. The cathode reaction actually occurs within the solid structure; the carbon rod serves only to transfer electrons from the external circuit.      The dry
7) Voodoo - reality and imagination
(present), present today is "Haiti or the Black Republic",written by S.St. John. It is an inaccurate and sensational book, written in 1884 and which describes Vodun as a profoundly evil religion, and included lu
8) Football Museum
(present), present too. There should be posters and pieces of information about football on the walls. There should be footballs for sale and other football equipment like famous football player's T-shirts
9) Gh. gheorghe vranceanu
(present), present (1966), in memorii publicate,Gh.Vranceanu abordeaza domeniul geometriei diferentiale.Aici a inceput cu geometria spatiilor afina local euclidiene A2 de speta trei.Pe urma s-a preocupat de inte
(present), present, the Museal Complex of Natural Science contains: - the properly museum centre with aquariums, planetarium, exposure room, documentary base and facilities for the development of cultural acti
11) The Magi
(present), presentative creation for the English Literature,and that`s why I can say I really like it.
12) Plan de afaceri ec intreprinderii
(present), present lider de piata este compania "Urban-Serv" administrata de Primaria Municipiului Botosani. 2) Previziune pentru viitoarele cresterii Abonatii vor creste cel putin la 20 000, iar n
13) Caracterizarea lui Goe
(present), present atat in asteptarea trenului, in timpul calatoriei, cat si in momentul sosirii in Capitala. Ca si in ,,Vizita'', unde Ionel era ,,imbracat ca maior de rosiori in uniforma de mare tinuta'', aut
14) English as a global language
(present), present on every continent. In over 60 countries it is used officially or without the sanction of government and is prominent in 20 more. There are three kinds of English speakers, thos
15) Rascoala
(present), present ca ziarist,cu riscul de a fi arestat,in toiul razmeritei,darn u reuseste sa impiedice scena atroce,ca executarea lui Toader Starmbu,maltratarea batranilor Luca Talaba si Lupu Chiritoiu sau bar
16) Globe Theatre
(present), present abridged versions of Shakespeare's plays as part of the California Pacific International Exposition. At the conclusion of the exposition in 1937, a non-profit production corporation, th
17) Hyde Park
(present), present two insulated Ionic columns, flanked by antae. All these entrances are finished by a blocking, the sides of the central one being decorated with a beautiful frieze, representing a naval and mi
18) An ideal father
(present), present but emotionally distant. Some relationships are full of strife. Everyone has a father, even if he is not "ideal" in our conventional sense of fatherhood.
19) Scottish customs and traditions
(present), present if one is dressed in a kilt, the only exception being the participation to some sportive games and the presence of women. In the 50's, soldiers were verified if they wore underwear by their se
20) Curtea de Arges Church & Canterbury Cathedral
(present), presenting the twelve apostles. In the pronaos there are the tombs of its founders, Neagoe Basarab and Radu from Afumati, as well as of the first couples of Romanian kings and queens (Carol I and Elis
21) Does your resume say qualified ?
(present), presents all gained professional knowledge, skills and experience. Possible personal achievements and reference portfolios greatly improve the aspirant's professional image and give a
22) Ierusalim
(present), present Ierusalimul este centrul politic,cultural si religios al statului Israel.Convietuirea a 450 000 de evrei si a 100 000 de arabi ridica mari probleme: fanaticii musulmani organizeaza regulat ata
23) The Report of the Special Commission on ecclesiology
(present), presented a period of intensive interchange between Orthodox and Protestants. On the occasion of 25th anniversary of the council's founding, in 1973, congratulatory message from Moscow and Constantino
24) Gestures in Asian countries
(present), presenting business cards is very important in Japan. Remember to hold the business card with both hands, grasping it between the thumbs and forefingers. Present it with the printing pointing towards
25) Baltagul - demonstratie ca e roman
(present), present in prim-plan.Intre personajele secundare se remarca Gheorghita,adolescentul care parcurge aspre probe de initiere si care se maturizeaza odata cu evenimentele povestite.
26) Iarna
(present), present si omul,indirect insa”-it-o sanie usoara/Care trece peste vai../In vazduh rasuna iara clinchete de zurgalai.” Ultimele cuvinte le textului sugereaza senzatia d libertate si
27) An alien
(present), present from his friends. While he was talking he pulled out from his jacket a photo with his family. But he was in a hurry so we said goodbye quickly. I saw him leaving and I couldn̵
28) Ultima noapte de dragoste, intaia noapte de razboi
(present), present (timpul subiectiv) experienta erotica, pe care o noteaza in jurnalul de campanie: “Eram insurat de doi ani si jumatate cu o colega de la Universitate si banuiam ca ma inseala”.
29) Verbe si exemple
(present), Present simple: To read: A: I read 43 pages usuly N: I don’t read 43 page usually. I:Do y
30) Pollution
(present), present. These legislations are an important part in the fight against water pollution. They are useful in preventing Envioronmental catastrophes. The graph shows reported pollution incidents s
31) Cote d'Azur
(present), présente un territoire des plus beaux et des plus variés, pleine de contrastes, même dans la population qui est inégalement réparti, dense sur la côte, rare en montagne. Provence est la région de Fran
32) O scrisoare pierduta
(present), present in textul propriu-zis, iar in didascali apare naratiunea si descrierea, moduri de expuner care devin mijloace de caracterizare directa a personajului. Textul este anticipat de lista de 
33) Renasterea artistica si literara
(present), present in vocabularul nostru.El este unul dintre cei mai de seama umanisti francezi si , totodata,un mare scriitor.Dezgustat de metodele invatamantului medieval,el este insufletit de o formidabila do
34) Inside McDonald - atestat
(present), present generation may be the first to die before their parents due to spiraling obesity in the British population.In 2002, vegetarian groups, largely Hindu, successfully sued and won against McDonald
35) We are not permitted
(present), present and past. Meanwhile, future revolves unquietly and sustains the life of the sphere, waiting to be consumed. You have moments, now when you think that everything will easily realize for you. It
36) Circuite utilizate in telecomunicatii
(present), present ,domeniul lor de utilizare e mult extins .Prevazute in bucla de reactie cu retele comlexe ,amplificatoarele operationale actuale pot realize cele mai diverse functii ,cu performante ridicate s
37) Hidrogenul , combustibilul viitorului
(present), present, precum si in viitorul apropiat, singurul process cu aplicabilitate practica. Deocamdata, din punct de vedere economic, electroliza este o alternativa buna numai in acele tari in care exsita m
38) Cu o usoara nostalgie
(present), present in ultimul vers (“Ti-aduci aminte suflete de-atunci, tu, gandule?”) semnifica din punct de vedere al relatiei dintre om sit imp perspective prezentului asupra trecutului, rememorar
39) Jane eyre - rezumat pe capitole
(present), present, and she expresses disapproval of her mistress’s treatment of Jane. Jane remains in bed the following day, and Bessie sings her a song. Mr. Lloyd speaks with Jane about her life at Gates
40) The Grand Canyon
(present), present a depositional period stretching over 300 million years. Overlying these canyon rocks is a thick sequence of Mesozoic Era rocks (245 to 66.4 million years old) that form precipitous butte remn
41) The Grand Canion
(present), present a depositional period stretching over 300 million years. Overlying these canyon rocks is a thick sequence of Mesozoic Era rocks (245 to 66.4 million years old) that form precipitous butte remn
42) Communism to capitalism
(present), present in big conference about how prosper is the nation with this new configuration. In fact the result of this collectivization was falling agricultural production. In production was more important
43) The transmission mechanism of monetary policy
(present), present value of any given future income stream falls. Other things may not be equal—for example, policy changes may have indirect effects on expectations or confidence—but these are consi
44) Inflation targeting
(present), present their views about the past and future performance of inflation and monetary policy.
45) Scoala marginalista engleza
(present), present si viitor notiuni ca: utilitate,valoare, avutie, moneda, capitalul, placerea, satisfactia, efortul, suferinta,si altele de acest gen sunt susceptibile de masurare. I
46) The Macroeconomic Indicators
(present), presented by the microeconomic ones.The most important macroeconomic indicators are the aggregate product, the gross domestic product, the gross national product, the national income and the personal
47) Les verbes
(present), présent ) + PARTICIPE PASSE LES AUXILIAIRES ETRE ET AVOIR ETRE J’ai été ; tu as été ; il a été Nous avons été ; vous avez été ; ils ont été AVOIR J’ai eu ; tu as eu ; il a eu No
48) Defileul Jiului
(present), present, tara noastra detine doar 7%, situandu-se sub media statelor membre. Suprafata totala a parcului
49) Monetary system
(present), present time are fiat systems; they do not allow free convertibility of the currency into a metallic standard, and money is given value by government fiat or edict rather than by its nominal gold or s
50) Important wars
(present), present royal line. Anti-Napoleonic Nationalism In 1808 Napoleon was master of all Europe except Russia and Great Britain, but from this time on his power began to decline. The chief reasons for
51) Londra
(present), present reigning House of Windsor and is today The Queen's official residence. When the Queen is in residence the Royal Standard can be seen flying above the palace. It has become the symbol of the Ro
52) Grand Canyon
(present), present a depositional period stretching over 300 million years. Overlying these canyon rocks is a thick sequence of Mesozoic Era rocks (245 to 66.4 million years old) that form precipitous butte remn
53) Equations differentielles
(present), présent : d'où la solution homogène (ici on est dans le cas de 2 racines réelles): 2) Recherche de la solution pingulière (par la méthode de variation des paramètres): Puisqu'ici nous avons ob
54) English and everything you need to know
(present), present in Asia or Africa. English also is the most widely spoken Germanic language. Following World War II, the economic and cultural influence of the United States increased and English permeate
55) Floare Albastra - comentariu
(present), present si la Novalis, sau Leopardi, unde floarea albastra sugereaza tenatia catre infinit, catre o patrie indepartata a poeziei, un ideal de fericire si iubire pura, dorinta naufragiului
56) Temeiurile esentei tainice ale Bisericii
(present), present ceva din puterea lor. Intre stadiul de pe pamant,al Bisericii sic el din cer nu e o identitate,dar nici o discontinuitate,ci o continuare. Oamenii traiesc tot in Dumnezeu sip e pamant
57) Auditul energetic
(present), present , metode diferite de evaluare a performanþelor energetice ale clãdirilor care se regãsesc în norme ºi reglementãri naþionale.Acestea þin
58) generalitati licenta
(present), Present Perfect; aceste paragrafe, cu mici modificari vor putea functiona si in concluzii . In concluzii trebuie sa reluati -la Present Perfect- rezumatele capitolelor si sa oferiti si concluzia p
59) Demonstratie Doua loturi
(present), present si comical de caracter care izvoraste din comportarea personajelor, din atitudinile lor si din ipostazele in care sunt prezentate. Personajele starnesc rasul prin contrastul dintre pretentiile
60) Timpul
(present), present. Avem asadar: - trecutul care nun mai exista - viitorul care nu exista inca - prezentul care, daca nu ar trece si ar fi mereu present, nu ar mai fi prezent ci eternitate Evident si
61) Lacul de Mihai Eminescu - comentariu
(present), present:,,parc-ascult si parc-astept”.Pron.pers. de pers III ,,ea” este scris cu litere cursive,deoarece denumeste o fiinta ideala,nu concreta.Este idealul de frumusete feminine pe care s
62) Chirita in provintie
(present), present comical de situatii si de limbaj.Dincolo de filiatiile pe care unii cercetatori le-au gasit cu protagonista comediei lui Molière Contesa d’Escarbagnas ori cu Madame Agnot (Madame
63) Notiuni generale privind cheltuielile de productie si costurile
(present), present. 2.2 Clasificarea cheltuielilor de productie In contabilitatea de gestiune adaptata managementului modern clasificarea cheltuielilor de productie se face potrivit unor criterii stiintifice
64) Modal verbs
(present), present conditional ( politeness).May – possibility - permission Might – possibility (higher degree of doubt);- polite suggestion. Affirmative / negative differences.Have to (obligatio
65) Psihoterapia copilului si adolescentului
(present), present; - ce faciliteaza identificarea resurselor proprii de adaptare la mediu si de soluTionare a situaTiilor problematice; - este un proces ce potenTiaza validarea resurselor clientului in lumea
66) Vorbirea indirecta - reported speech
(present), Present Simple Past simple ,,I go home'' He said he was going home Past Simple Past Continuous ,,I am go
67) Team building
(present), present business strategy to assess its viability and risks. b) 2. Reflect on the organization framework: team members discuss the nature of productive teamwork and compare their work relationships t
68) Impactul contextului fizic si neuropsihic al memorarii asupra performantelor la reactualizare
(present), present la cursuri. Un procedeu inrudit cu exersarea reactualizarii este,de asemenea,util in situatiile de memorie implicita;este vorba de practica mentala,care implica repetarea imaginata a deprin
69) Literal Invention or Social Imitation
(present), present these like being personal. Also, we can have a trial relation: author, personages and readers. Usually, the imitation and invention have different significations and opposed sense. The im
70) Essays
(present), presents the rule of our life – the obligatory condition of success. Nowadays there are a lot of people who promise much trying to persuade you in their friendship but in
71) Analiza comparativa ale asumptiilor perspectivelor behavioriste si cognitive
(present), present extrem de influenta.Experimentele din cadrul acestei orientari au vizat:stimuli semnificativi din mediul inconjurator,raspunsurile declansate si recompensa sau pedeapsa ulterioara.
72) Istoria filosofiei contemporane
(present), present ci si o modaliate a raportului pe care trebuie sa-l stabilim cu noi insine, a fi modern inseamna a te lua pe tine insuti, ca obiect al unei elaborari complicate se dure, omul modern este cel c
73) Holidays in Great Britain
(present), present. So the name of this day doesn't come from the sport of boxnig- it comes from the boys' wooden boxes. Now, Boxing Day is an extra holiday after Christmas Day... Most people go out to see frie
74) Aspecte privind infractiunea de determinare sau inlesnire a sinuciderii
(present), present aceste dispozitii au fost abolite. Constituie insa infractiune determinarea sau inlesnirea sinuciderii. Dupa legea engleza, cel care savarseste cu intentie un act spre a pricinui moartea un
75) Marketingul serviciilor
(present), present cea mai mare companie de diverstisment, avand un numar impresionant de filiale si peste 50.000 de angajati. Pentru a recruta personalul cat maio correct, compania a infiintat multiple cent
76) Auditul
(present), present este organizata astfel : un depozit central la adresa unde este declarat sediul social al firmei, unde vanzarea se face catre clienti persoane juridice si la un pret mai mic
77) International Management - internationalization case study
(present), present workforce of 80 employees and a turnover of NOK 144 million. The market for in-house telephone exchanges disa
78) Rationalism versus empiricism
(present), present complementary lines of thought. First, they develop accounts of how experience provides the information that rationalists cite, insofar as we have it in the first place. (Empiricists will
79) Aparitia si evolutia fenomenului razboi
(present), present, razboiul este definit ca un fenomen social coplex manifestandu-se prin confruntari violente in
80) Why learn a foreign language?
(present), present you some fundamental reasons that may help you decide whether it is good or not for you to learn a foreign langua
81) Copilaria - Childhood
(present), present, the happiness in my soul, my friends, my family. I await the morning, a new day of work, of responsibilities and cares. My thoughts carry me into tomorrow's world, I will never meet childhood
82) Giardioza (Giardia duodenalis)
(present), present prin doua ipoteze; -Prin existent unor lectine activate de catre tripsina, lectine ce pot asigura adeziunea. -Prin crearea unor presiuni negative intre ventuza parazitului si substrat prin
83) All you need to know about living and studying in Romania
(present), present Romanian state. Every year on the 1st of December Romania celebrates the Great Union Day which became the National Holiday. As decades pasted, and after the Second World War, Romania experi
84) HTML Hypertext Markup Language
(present), present defineste o linie fara umbra."color" - permite definirea culorii liniei.
85) Mammography
(present), present degenerative changes in the breasts, such as aging of the breast arteries, old injuries, or inflammations. These deposits are associated with benign (noncancerous) conditions and do not requir
86) Emanciparea femeii
(present), present in societatile si culturile contemporane,fiind un element essential si complementar structurilor de putere patriarhala. La nivelul cunoaste
87) Charles Dickens 1812 - 1870
(present), present Charing Cross railway station. He spent his time pasting labels on the jars of thick polish and earned six shillings a week. With this money, he had to pay for his lodging and help to support
88) The problems of street dogs
(present), present a real danger for us not only because they are aggresive bit because they can condaminate us with diferent kinds of infections deseases. Our Governament doesn't want to solve the problem o
89) Malini village
(present), present administration of the village to worry about capitalization and especially the tourism potential of the area. To this end, conditions were created for the sale of several plots of land, the es
90) Timputile verbale - franceza
(present), present de l'auxiliare etre ou avoir et le participe passe du verbe a conjuguer. ^ Avoir
91) Analize specifice la iaurt
(present), present cel mai raspandit dintre produsele lactate dietetice. Microflora lui este compusa din Streptococcus thermophylus si Lactobacillus bulgaricus, care se dezvolta in simbioza, imprimand produsului
92) Risc si schimbare in economie
(present), present asteptarile celor care nu si-au pierdut sperantele pun inca si mai multa responsabilitate pe umerii celor care doresc sa foloseasca acum puterea acestui important simbol. Chiar dc isi dores
93) Monitoring of organic pollution
(present), presents the amount of oxygen consumed by microorganisms to break down the organic matter present in the sample bottle during the incubation period. Because of the 5-day incubation, the tests should b
94) Advection -dispersion model for nutrient dynamics in River Swale
(present), present research the analytical solution of the fundamental advection-dispersion equation (ADE) for mass transport in rivers was used to develop a detailed mathematical model for nutrient transport in
95) Union of December 1, 1918
(present), presenting all the 130 electoral circles the 27 Romanian counties, then bishops, delegates counselors, Romanian cultural societies, schools and institutes of teaching, meetings of craftsmen, Romani
96) Intreprinderea si formele ei in economia de piata
(present), present relatia dintre proprietari, intreprinzatori si manageri au devenit mult mai complexe, si-au pierdut mult din semnificatia lor anterioara. In societatea pe actiuni capitalul este format din
97) Eu nu strivesc corola de minuni a lumii de Lucian Blaga
(present), present prin marca cea mai evidenta a pronumelui personal "eu". Asadar, fara a evita sa-si exprime gandurile Lucian Blaga scrie titlul astfel "Eu nu strivesc corola de minuni a lumii" substituind de f
98) Aderarea Romaniei si a Bulgariei
(present), present procesul crearii zonei de liber schimb este aproape finalizat ,UE abolind taxe vamale la importurile de produse industriale. Principalele beneficii sunt :-un climat politic si economic stab
99) Disciplina - Evaluarea economica
(present), present si in viitor; -facultatea de integrare a rezultatelor in reprezentarea sintetica sau modelul, in sens calitativ, pe care utilizatorii raportului de evaluare il cauta in acea intreprindere pen
100) Concordanta timpurilor in limba engleza
(present), Present Tense sau Present Perfect Tense, iar daca subordonata este completiva directa verbul va fi la viitor.
101) Plan de lectie clasa a VII-a
(present), present, specificand rolul fiecaruia la realizarea functiei - anunta elevii ca in lectia de astazi vor afla modul in care sistemul circulator realizeaza legatura intre toate celelalte sisteme - an
102) Celulele vegetale si animale
(present), present in celulele vii, implicat in sinteza proteinelor. "Dosarele" gene se transmit din generatie in generatie, reprezentand un tezaur fara de care celula nu ar putea exista. Toate fabricil
103) Farmacologia calciului - fosforului si fluorului
(present), present si in mucegaiuri. Vit. D joaca rol major in homeostazia calciului si fosforului , actioneaza asupra intestinului, oaselor si rinichilor. Se elimina prin bila si in cantitati mici urinar.hipov
104) Big Ben
(present), present Clock Tower - metonymically referred to as Big Ben, and historically confused with St Stephen's T
105) Man is known by his deeds
(present), present times also our parents want us to have a good company, we should spend time with good friends and interact with good people. It just clears the point that man is really known by the Company He
106) Analiza geodemografica a statelor - Marea Britanie si Iran
(present), present, acest lucru se datoreste in principal exploatarii si prelucrarii petrolului, care asigura 1/5 din PNB, si cvasitotalitate exporturilor (peste 90%). Avand mari reserve de petrol (circa 13 mi
107) Terra in pericol
(present), present la cel mult 3 metri de zonele de tarm, fiind supusi cresterii nivelului oceanelor.Nivelul de crestere a temperaturii Oceanului Planetar, dupa o eventuala disparitie a coralilor, este de 29 de
108) Virgil Madgearu
(present), present-day agrarian states. Even the social-democrat Kautsky stated that, in social transformation, there is no way of conceiving that an agricultural country should cover the same length and directi
109) The scientific research and the economic progress
(present), present, the role of the scientific research stands before some new challenges generated by the stage of society. Some specialists consider [3] that the level of informational society has already been
110) Din strainatate
(present), present "as vrea", eul isi marturiseste dorinta de a revedea zona natala a carei forma de relief este cuprinsa intr-o "valcioara", substantivul diminutivat indicand marimea redusa a spatiului la care
111) Managementul intreprinderilor mici si mijlocii
(present), present conferindu-i societatii stabilitate si siguranta in obtinerea rezultatelor economico-financiare, propulsand societatea intre primele societati din Tara Fagarasului.Implem
112) Imn lui Stefan cel Mare - argument la specie
(present), present intr-o aura de legenda deoarece Carpatii soptesc cu secole despre vitejia si eroismul lui Stefan cel Mare. In strofele II-V ,imaginea eroului este construita din trei perspective tempora
113) Slabirea rolului agentiilor de credit rating ca indicator al stabilitatii companiilor
(present), present se indreapta spre 4,5 trilioane, in care CDSurile pe nume singulare ocupa 45% din totalul pietei. Lipsa de succes a companiilor de credit rating de a retrograda la timp asa-numitii "fallen ang
114) Otita medie supurata
(present), present aproape toate formele sunt blocate de acidul clavulanic si majoritatea inca sunt sensibile la sulfamide, cefalosporine sau macrolide cu spectru larg. Moraxella catarrhallis a fost gasita adese
115) Cultural constraints and the acquisition of language
(present), present themselves in this language. For example, the refusal to record in writing their culture: 'We don't write our language', Everett recalls in his article (Everett, 626), might be considered a co
116) Basics of X-ray diffraction
(present), present in the sample. In order to better convey an understanding of the fundamental principles and buzz words of X-ray diffraction instruments, let us quickly look at the theory behind these syste
117) Societatea de infratire Romano-Americana apolitica si autonoma Braila
(present), present the pure and active energy with a super-intelligent informational system, beyond any other intelligence of the Universe, even greater than the intelligence of the human being, whose force is t
118) Parcurile nationale din Canada
(present), present.Arheologia este un instrument important pt. stabilirea continuitatii istoriei si culturii poporului Inuit. Asezat in muntii Stancosi intre parcurile Kootenay (la granita dintre British Colu
119) Andorra
(present), present, guvernul este format din Partidul Liberal, cu Albert Pintat in functia de prim ministru. Partidul Social-Democrat formeaza opozitia. Apararea tarii este responsabilitatea Frantei si Spaniei.
120) Canada - Parcuri Nationale
(present), present.Arheologia este un instrument important pt. stabilirea continuitatii istoriei si culturii poporului Inuit. Statul Nunavut cuprinde si alte parcuri cum at fi parcul national Auyuittuq. Parcu
121) Le roman historique
(present), present par le passe, autant que la volonte de reconstituer celui-ci dans l'imagination du lecteur, est constant chez les aute
122) Transporturile
(present), present se circula cu trenuri cu viteze de pana la 300-400 km/h (trenuri pe perna de aer). Recordul mondial dupa ce a fost corectat de cateva ori de trenurile franceze apartine in anul 1974 unei loco
123) Extinderea UE catre Europa
(present), present U.E se manifesta curente de opinii care sustin limitarea extinderii dupa aderarea Romaniei si Bulgariei. In afarea aderarii a noi membrii U.E care au in vedere si o politica speciala legat
124) Vizuinile celestine
(present), present, the connection is real. If not, it is only pretended. Clearing The Past The more we stay connected, the more we are acutely aware of those times when we lose connection, usually when we a
125) Floare albastra comentariu literar
(present), present si la Novalis, sau Leopardi, unde floarea albastra sugereaza tenatia catre infinit, catre o patrie indepartata a poeziei, un ideal de fericire si iubire pura, dorinta naufragiului
126) Olimpiada de limba engleza faza nationala
(present), present and the people did not know where it had been puchased. When the bowl was not being taken from house to house, it sat on Andrea's coffee table at home. She didn't keep it carefully wrapped
127) Types of Contracts - Tipuri de contracte
(present), presented by...and ...Co. Ltd., represented by... Subsemnatii...reprezentati firma...reprezentata de... ...have agreed the cazut de acord asupra urmatoarelor The Seller has s
128) Test franceza
(present), present 7. Le verbe concevoir (l.__) signifie : a) imaginer; b) comprendre; c) accepter; 8. Remplacez les adjectifs soulignes par des synonymes. Une autre explication serait convenable. Ils ont
129) Adolescenta
(present), present si un obiect real. Anxietatea difera de teama prin faptul ca nu are un cadru real,un obiect clar si precis si o simtim numai atunci cand ne confruntam cu situatii pe care la consideram dificil
130) Steelmaking
(present), present even in early biblical times. From Exodus when know that the Israelites melted down their golden objects and created the golden calf as an idol. There are many other references to gold scatter
131) Ifrs versus Xbrl
(present), present financial statements, compliant with the International Financial Reporting Standards; by supranational bodies such as the European Commission, that provided the necessary confidence to the
132) Caracterizarea Indiei
(present), present cai comerciale maritime de importanta mondiala, ceea ce joaca un rol mare in mentinerea legaturilor comerciale atit cu tarile din orient , cit si cu cele din Occident. Sub aspect etnic ,
133) Sistemul de franare
(present), present transmisiile mecanice se utilizeaza la tractoarele de putere mica si medie pentru acsionarea frinelor de serviciu si la automobile pentru acsionarea frinelor de stationare.
134) Edinburgh city background
(present), present day. If you know the story of ' Greyfriars Bobby ', you will be thrilled to see his collar and feeding bowl, and the original plaster model for the bronze statue in Candlemaker Row. One of
135) Biletul electronic de calatorie - cyberticket
(present), present companiile internationale de curse regulate se chinuie din greu sa tina piept acetor tipuri de companii.
136) Traditions francaises
(present), present, il y a 40% des eleves de la Roumanie etudiant le francais comme premiere langue etrangere.
137) Focus on communication
(present), present in written communication; the third involves, in a way, continuity), but they cover the same position in the scheme. There is an intermediate tense which functions between present and futu
138) Modificarile biochimice normale care se produc in carne dupa taiere
(present), present in muschi dupa effort. Vanatul (iepuri, cervide) este surprins uneori in atitudinea de alergare. Rigiditatea musculara in acest caz se instaleaza precoce, fara nici un interval liber intre ult
139) Main schools of geopolitical thought in the modern world economy
(present), present-day eastern and central United States; in other words, clear evidence that a sophisticated system of trade relationships existed among indigenous Native American cultures long before of arriva
140) Europe during the Cold War
(present), present, the population, economic power and income of the Community is equivalent to that of the United States, and well exceeds that of the former Soviet Union. While expanding in size and econo
141) Biosenzori
(present), present, un domeniu cu o extindere rapida, a carei viteza de crestere anuala a fost estimate la 60%. Impulsul major provine din industria pro
142) Biosenzori optici
(present), present, oarecum mai mare (< 104 cells ml-1, < 10-12 M ATP) fata de fotodetectorii mai simpli care utilizeaza fotodiode. Luciferaza de la licurici este insa o enzima foarte scumpa, obtinandu-se numai
143) Industria grea
(present), present, in Valea Jiului mai locuiesc doar 150.000 de oameni, iar la CNH sunt angajati 11.700 de mineri.
144) Bioetica
(present), present in cadrul universitatii din 1964 ; The Asian Bioethics Program, care-si propune sa evalueze implicatiile etice determinatede impactul cu dezvoltarea stiintifico-tehnologica in domeniulbioetici
145) The adverbial modifiers
(present), presented by: a) adverbial modifier of indefinite time, such as just, recently, lately, of late, in recent time, in the last time, the last week etc. b) Adverbial modifier of frequency: usually,
146) Timpurile modului inactiv
(present), present at the meeting? Exercitiul 7: 1. Mother decided that we (should) stay at home. 2. The teacher suggests that we (should) read this book. 3. The manager requested that everybody (s
147) Engleza - sintaxa
(present), presented here the words that make up a sentence form intermediate structural units called phrases. Words are grouped together into phras
148) Business ethics
(present), present when meeting a potential customer. 3 Many companies have drawn up a...............................which aims to enshrine the ...............................and morals of the organisation.
149) Modul conditional si frazele conditionale
(present), Present Simple, atunci cand actiunea din secundara este posibila, dar improbabila. Acest tip de secundara este adesea combinat cu imperativul. In acest caz, should se traduce cu: in caz ca, daca s-ar
150) Protectia juridica a drepturilor omului
(present), present, cererile se adreseaza direct la Curtea pentru apararea drepturilor omului. Odata emisa hotarirea, Consiliul de ministrii urmareste daca statele pun in executare hotaririle. In cazul in care s
151) Focus on communication
(present), present in written communication; the third involves, in a way, continuity), but they cover the same position in the scheme. There is an intermediate tense which functions between present and futu
152) Piata internationala de capitaluri
(present), present pt prima data in Eurpa si a fost legat de USD American. (euro dolar). Factorii care au condos la aparitia euroval si piatelor euro-val sunt de ordin politi, ec , monetar. La origine In timp
153) Societatile transnationale
(present), present, la scra mondiala, exista circa 69.000 de societati STN cu 9.000 de filiale si ~ 54 - 55 milioane angajati. Putem spune ca localizarea interesului STN-ului catre domenii de activitate se
154) Towards a mission as continuous liturgy in the world but not of the world
(present), present in the life of the people, especially teenagers of this post-modern society. For this reason I consider necessary a renewal of the liturgical consciousness of all of us, to realize that Christ
155) Scottish customs and traditions
(present), present if one is dressed in a kilt, the only exception being the participation to some sportive games and the presence of women. In the 50's, soldiers were verified if they wore underwear by their se
156) The history of Galati
(present), present, the Museal Complex of Natural Science contains: - the properly museum centre with aquariums, planetarium, exposure room, documentary base and facilities for the development of cultural activi
157) A study on the detective story
(present), presents the crime, the detective and several clues and suspects. The climax of the story comes when the detective reveals the criminal and tells how the mystery was solved. Certain conventions hav
158) The Gallic Wars
(present), present day Normandy and Brittany. The Meeting at Lucca Meanwhile, the relations between the triumvirs had become strained. Pompeius was becoming increasingly jealous of Caesar's successes while
159) Henry James - Washington square
(present), presenting the dialogue between Dr. Sloper and Morris Townsend is one of the most brilliant examples of James' gift as a subtle observer of man's behaviour and psychology and also his mastery of witty
160) Alice's adventures in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll
(present), present. This kind of point of view is called selective omniscience, that is the author knows everything, but only through one character's consciousness. Other books in which author uses the same poi
161) Porturile Americii anglo-saxone la Oceanul Atlantic
(present), present orasul Quebec are o populatie de 645.550 loc. si este un puternic centru industrial, economic si cultural. Portul Quebec dispune de conditii naturale deosebite, lungimea cheiurilor este de
162) Gramatica limbii franceze
(present), present de l'auxiliare etre ou avoir et le participe passe du verbe a conjuguer. ^ Avoir
163) Hanu Ancutei - univers al imaginarului sadovenian
(present), present, predominand fiecare in functie de povestitor, la fel putem distinge reactia ascultatorilor, tinand cont de acelasi criteriu, si aume tipul naratorului. De asemenea, putem observa in fiecare c
164) Cinderella
(present), present the same morals, they vary in specific details such as characters, settings, and the use of magic. The most opponent difference between these two stories is the characters. Even the name of
165) Alexander the Great
(present), presents the good and the bad aspect about Alexander The Great such as "there were others who might be expected to take advantage of Philip's death to make a bid for the throne. So ...he eliminates po
166) A brief history of the Black Panther Party
(present), present day Afrikan organizations. All history has shown that this government will bring its police and military powers to bear on any group which truly seeks to free Afikan people. Any Black "freedom
167) African history
(present), present species, Homo sapiens. About 100,000 years ago people of a modern time of Homo sapiens began to appear. Human Skeletons began appearing about 20,000 years ago. Up until that time we did not
168) Ancient Greek architecture
(present), present day Athens. Built on the Acropolis is the theater where many of the lost and surviving plays from the fifth and fourth century B.C., were probably debuted. The Theater Dionysus, like many of i
169) The root of art
(present), present day. Art gives an insight into the changes and evolution that man and culture have gone through to become what is today. Art is culture, art is the essence of the people who make it
170) Nazi art
(present), presents the family in such positive and reverent way, a stereotyped 'perfect' standard for German families to aspire to. This was an extremely popular subject as indicated by the multitudes of pa
171) The Big Bang Theory
(present), present universe were packed together in the primeval fireball-an extremely hot dense state from which the universe rapidly expanded.1 The Big Bang was the start of time and space. The matter and radi
172) The Runaway Universe
(present), present ideas of cosmology have been derived. There are many comparisons offered of what was once known about a particular phenomenon and what people know about it now. For instance, Goldsmith re
173) Executive summary
(present), present information that is specific to your business. You may have gathered substantial information about competitors and the industry in general in the course of considering your business plans. Thi
174) L'ordinateur
(present), present sur des supports tels que les CD-Rom, les bornes interactives, etc. Pour information, le CD-Rom pese environ 20 grammes mais pour ecrire toutes les informations qu'il contient, il faudrait 2 t
175) Coelacantul
(present), present,s-au gasit peste 120 de specii fosile,nici una dintre acestea nedepasind 55 cm lungime. Greu de gasit Cum ar putea un peste despre care se credea ca a disparut in