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1) Sistemul juridic englez Common-Law
(common law), Common-Law Common-law a fost sistemul juridic al unei societăți feudale în tiparele căruia a fost turnat conținutul un
2) Endangered species
(common law), common name, a reference to a conspicuous protuberance between the nostril and eye.      About 1,700 Ozark big-eareds remain. Approximately 1,400 inhabit a few caves in eastern Oklahoma. The rest l
3) Dry cell
(common law), common form of primary cell is the Leclanché cell, invented by the French chemist Georges Leclanché in the 1860s. It is popularly called a dry cell or flashlight battery. The Leclanché cell in use tod
4) Job satisfaction - essay
(common law), common way of measurement is use of rating scales where emloyees report the reactions to their job. Questions relate ray of pay, work responsabilities, variety of tasks and promotional opportunities.
5) Scotland
(common law), common to the Highlands. Dividing the parallel mountain ranges of the Highlands is a depression, or fault line, known as the Glen More, or the Great Glen. This depression extends southwest from Moray
6) English as a global language
(common law), common language for the world. A language achieves a genuinely global status when it develops a special role that is recognized in every country. Having such a status, the global language has to
7) Death penalty
(common law), common type of crime. It is reported that 8 male juveniles were hanged in Iran durring 2005 for offences they committed before the age of 18.America now specifically bans the execution of a person
8) High school years
(common law), common experiences. But high school social life is fortunately more than just your own class. You get to meet a whole lot of people from all over the institution; all you need is an open mind, a happy
9) The Report of the Special Commission on ecclesiology
(common law), common understanding basically on ecclesiological issues. If we look back we can see that the decades following the entrance of most of the Orthodox Churches in WCC (New Delhi 1961) represented a p
10) Gestures in Asian countries
(common law), common in the Pakistani culture, so don't be offended if you feel someone is staring at you. An obscene gesture in Pakistan is the closed fist. Philippines Filipinos often greet each other with t
11) Hidrogenul
(common law), common will be systems having the size of regular residential heating systems or of gas heating boilers. When these systems were produced in large numbers they would be only slightly more expensive th
12) Application programming interface
(common law), Common Control Library). - Common Dialog Box Library (Biblioteca Ferestrerol de Dialog Generale) Ofera aplicatii si ferestre de dialog standard pentru deschiderea si salvarea fisierelor, alegerea
13) The Grand Canyon
(common law), common animals are the many varieties of squirrels, coyotes, foxes, deer, badgers, bobcats, rabbits, chipmunks, and kangaroo rats. Plant life is also varied. In the bottom of the canyons are willows a
14) The Grand Canion
(common law), common animals are the many varieties of squirrels, coyotes, foxes, deer, badgers, bobcats, rabbits, chipmunks, and kangaroo rats. Plant life is also varied. In the bottom of the canyons are willows a
15) European Union - United in diversity
(common law), common institutions representing the interests of the Union as a whole on questions of joint interest. All decisions and procedures are derived from the basic treaties ratified by the Member States.
16) Grand Canyon
(common law), common animals are the many varieties of squirrels, coyotes, foxes, deer, badgers, bobcats, rabbits, chipmunks, and kangaroo rats. Plant life is also varied. In the bottom of the canyons are willows a
17) The telephones parents
(common law), common usage, the term “telephone” is also applied in a much broader sense to the entire system to which an individual telephone set is connected; a system which allows the sending of not
18) My best friend
(common law), common.We both are addicted to all about football things and more over that I`m not upset that we support different team
19) Introducere in dreptul comparat
(common law), Common Law – este un drept creat de judecători, ceea ce exclude, în principiu, interventia statului în promulgarea legilor sau impunerea lor în colonii. c) Receptarea drept
20) Sistemul de alimentare cu injector pompa
(common law), Common-rail = instalatie de alimentare cu rampă comună de injectie. Toate duzele de injectie sunt alimentate de o singura instalatie aflata sub presiune. Momentul injectiei se declanseaza in mod elect
21) Team building
(common law), common vision. d) 4. Search for opportunities to initiate change, innovate, and grow: employees break out of the routine and consider their work as an adventure searching for new, creative ways do d
22) Solar cell - surse de energie
(common law), common configuration of this device, the first generation photovoltaic, consists of a large-area, single layer
23) Human resources management
(common law), common goals like compliance and adherence. HR makes all efforts to create and sustain an employer and employee friendly atmosphere and responding to the current needs and challenges. HR’s
24) Adoption of euro by Romania
(common law), common currency region.For various reasons (e.g. the sudden change in consumer preferences towards imported goods) aggregate demand (AD) in country X may evolve differently than the aggregate demand i
25) Drugs should not be legalized
(common law), common man will be impacted by drug legalization (Internet). There is an idea that the drug user is a low class, unemployed junkie. This is untrue. The drug user is often a white collared worker w
26) Dreptul hindus
(common law), common law), dar si influente musulmane.Pe de alta parte, in cadrul sistemului hindus de drept trebuie facuta o distinctie intre vechiul drept al comunitatilor hinduse si dreptul Indian actual. Vechi
27) Afacerea Watergate
(common law), Common Cause", organism angajat in reformarea sistemului de finantare politica din Statele Unite. Bill Clinton l-a medaliat pentru serviciile aduse tarii, premiul conferit fiind, printr-o ironie a
28) Declinul simbolismului
(common law), common matters suAZperior expressions of meaning ."Acesta este terenul afectiv pe care creste simbolismul, in DumAZnezeu nu exista nimic gol sau fara inteles: "nihil vacuum neque sine signo apud Deum"
29) The influence of borrowings on the development of a language
(common law), common way that languages influence each other is the exchange of words. Munch is made about the contemporary borrowing of English words into other languages. Some languages have borrowed so much that
30) Teacher's book
(common law), common topic areas and are able to use a good variety of expressions to avoid repetition. There may be gaps in their vocabulary when dealing with more specialised topics. They will need to develop the
31) Fuziunile transfrontaliere ale societatilor comerciale pe actiuni
(common law), Common Law si incadrarea in dreptul tarii in care este stabilit sediul social real. Primul sistem este cunoscut in Marea Britanie si in Tarile de Jos; al doilea in Belgia, Germania, Franta etc. Artic
32) Monitoring of organic pollution
(common law), common forms of water pollution (Burgeois et al., 2001). Commonly, when considering the organic load in wastewater, the amount of oxygen required to oxidise these compounds is measured. These then pro
33) Emisson control concept.Oxygen sensor
(common law), common application is to measure the exhaust gas concentration of oxygen for internal combustion engines in automobiles and other vehicles. Divers also use a similar device to measure the partial
34) Lewis Carroll Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
(common law), common fairytale heroes-the pack of Cards the King and the Queen of Hearts). Alice has all kinds of strange adventures, one of them being the trial she has to go through, because of a stolen plate
35) Dreptul civil
(common law), common-law), sistemul romano-germanic, sistemul comunist, sistemul religios. Sistemul common-law. El a aparut in Anglia ca un drept jurisprudential si s-a extins in SUA, Australia, Noua Zeelanda, Cana
36) Institutii de drept public si privat
(common law), Common Law care reprezinta hotararile judecatoresti ale instantelor superioare care sunt obligatorii pentru instantele inferioare in cauze similare; Equity care reprezinta regulile pronuntate de Cance
37) Actiunile
(common law), COMMON STOCK) prezinta toate drepturile si caracteristicile: drept de proprietate asupra patrimoniului companiei conform cu numarul de actiuni detinute, drept de vot in Adunarea Generala a Actionarilo
38) Legislatia
(common law), common to the Member States, and should respect fundamental rights as guaranteed by the European Convention for the protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and as they result from the cons
39) Eduard al VI-lea sau reactia protestanta
(common law), Common Prayer Book si sa respecte un ritual comun. Dar uniformitatea insasi ramanea multiforma. Mai protestant decat arhiepiscopul, Con-siliul laic hotari sa se faca unele indreptari cartii de rugaciu
40) Notiunea de executiv si administratie - publica in principalele sisteme contemporane
(common law), common law), iar litigiile administrative sunt solutionate de catre instantele judiciare de drept comun si nu de catre instante speciale de contencios administrativ.Aceste trasaturi s-au evidentiat at
41) Henric al II-lea ca administrator - justitia si politia
(common law), Common Law, aceeasi peste tot. Curtile feudale si populare judecasera in virtutea cutumelor locale, dar un jude care se deAZplasa dintr-un comitat intr-altul era inclinat sa impuna adoptarea de catre
42) Analysis of farmers reaction to policy of promoting organic farma in Romania using Probit model
(common law), Common Agricultural Policy. By promoting and transition to organic farm can be a possibility to protect the biodiversity and give the chance to refresh the agriculture.
43) Financial crisis- criza financiara
(common law), common thread in European responses to America's troubles. It goes like this. We always knew that unbridled free markets were a mistake, yet we were derided for saying this; and now we are all paying
44) Domestic violence
(common law), common budget. Domestic harassment can happen to anyone, no matter the age, economic status or educational background. An abusive relationship isn't easy to identify. It can have an extremely subtle s
45) Advice Human Resources
(common law), common goal: the creation of high-quality games for a growing and increasingly demanding audience of gamers. Allianz-Tiriac Asigurari, parte a grupului financiar Allianz, este astazi cea mai mare c
46) Steelmaking
(common law), common before any other metals is also rather simply, things like silver, copper and iron are all found in veins, while gold is more common in lump form. Thus gold was much easier to extract without p
47) Limba engleza true/false
(common law), common law courts (based on the judicial system in Great Britain) that follow the adversarial system. 5. The adversarial (or adversary) system of law is generally adopted in common law countries, th
48) Gender and noun formation
(common law), common -ess nouns are princess, actress, mistress, duchess, waitress, countess, goddess, hostess, and stewardess. However, all these are used less than their masculine counterparts (prince, actor, mas
49) Epilogue to the Kreutzer Sonata
(common law), common to all classes and supported by the false science, that sexual intercourse is necessary for health, and that, since marriage is not always possible, sexual intercourse outside of matrimony,
50) Domenii de aplicatii
(common law), common integrated processors to manage multiple avionics functions including mission management, sensor control, sensor tasking, track fusion, fire control, integrated navigation, flight-path manageme
51) Europe during the Cold War
(common law), Common Market, aiming to eliminate internal trade barriers and establish common tariff policies. The EC as it was commonly known expanded from its original membership: i n 1973 the UK, Ireland and
52) Globalization and the changing world political map
(common law), common threat running through most of the views on globalization is the recognition of the significance of the dramatic reduction in the tyranny of distance, a world in which time-space has shrunk dra
53) Security and conflict
(common law), common approach which is inherently geographic is the analysis of a state's industrial resources and capabilities for waging war, vulnerability of trade and supply lines. Governments have often used p
54) O istorie a comunicarii interculturale
(common law), common historical and cultural basis (and this is the real dimension of Europe), not only on economical basis, as the European Union started. The European "interculturality" is more complex due to the
55) Recruitment and training
(common law), common in many companies. A stress interview is where the .. CORRECT.... 00 employer lines up a bunch of interviewers (one at a same time or all together) whose mission ...SAME........
56) Servlets
(common law), common tasks that init performs is reading server-specific initialization parameters. For example, the servlet might
57) HyperText Markup Language
(common law), common words, abbreviations, and notations. For instance, the and tags tell the browser to respectively start and stop italicizing the text characters that come between them. The HTML standard
58) Transmisia si receptia semnalelor de televiziune
(common law), Common Antenna Television), sau intre ultima si abonati. Se pun aceleasi probleme ca in VF, cu deosebirea ca atenuarile sporesc cu frecventa. La anumite distante se introduc amplificatoare corecto
59) Notiunea de executiv si administratie publica in sisteme contemporane
(common law), common law), iar litigiile administrative sunt solutionate de catre instantele judiciare de drept comun si nu de catre instante speciale de contencios administrativ. Aceste trasaturi s-au evidentiat
60) Multiculturalism
(common law), common American culture and seeks due recognition for the ways that the nation's many racial, ethnic, and cultural groups have transformed the national culture. The pluralists say, in effect, "America
61) Notiunea de executiv si administratie publica in principalele sisteme contemporane
(common law), common law), iar litigiile administrative sunt solutionate de catre instantele judiciare de drept comun si nu de catre instante speciale de contencios administrativ. Aceste trasaturi s-au evidentiat
62) Act of 1798
(common law), common impulse of passion, or of interest, adversed to the rights of other citizens, or to the permanent and aggregate interests of the community." He went on to explain that faction is part of human
63) Automobiles
(common law), common occurrence after school and before dinner. "Many people had cars back then," she explained, "but your great grandfather had to take our only car to work every morning and wouldn't return until
64) Contrasts of North and South
(common law), common peoples reactions to the secessionist movement after the Fort Sumter incident. "The Northern backbone is much stiffened already. Many who stood up for 'Southern rights' and complained of wron
65) A brief history of the Black Panther Party
(common law), common sense. But it must be implemented correctly, otherwise it can prove more detrimental than beneficial. The self-defense policies of the BPP need to be analyzed in this light by present day Afrik
66) Labradors
(common law), common Lab ailments such as hip and elbow Dysplasia, Progressive Retinal Atrophy and Retinal Dysplasia ( I will also breed to a show line bitch because I am looking for a
67) Veterinarians
(common law), common internet-related activity, cited by 86% of internet users, nearly half have purchased and reviewed products or services online.
68) A way of life
(common law), common bond together. These social institutions are the basis for which culture is founded. In order for a culture to become distinct from other cultures it has to apply different ru
69) Modern architecture
(common law), common with the architecture of our day than with that of its own." [H&J, 39] New construction methods were being invented but were not necessarily playing a role in the art of architecture in its ea
70) Art history
(common law), common art during the Geo-metric phase was vase painting. "Painting of the Ancient Greeks has survived primarily in the form of Vase Painting. The paintings were done in red and black with some use o
71) Art in the modern world
(common law), common for modern literary works from the 1930s and 1940s to exude human suffering, and Thomas's "The Hunchback in the Park" is no different. Thomas opens a window into one man's world, letting the r
72) Emotion and intellect
(common law), common people as Rodchenko's work does. Woman With Her Throat Cut is a study in conflicting emotions. Giacometti himself states that the piece was based upon a need to "find a solution between thi
73) The root of art
(common law), common examples of the divine couple is Father Sky and Mother Earth. A further representation of the sacred marriage is the Stonehenge, (Stonehenge, Arial view, c 2000 B.C. 97 diameter;
74) Virgil and Dante
(common law), common, for all their many desperate differences, an awareness of Dante's appropriations of the vestments of such as David, Jeremiah, Isaiah, John the Baptist, St. Paul, and of John's vision on Patmos
75) Chinese porcelain
(common law), common types of ceramics--earthenware and stoneware--are made from a single natural clay, which is then fired (baked). In many cases, the object is coated with a glassy substance called glaze. Firing
76) Medieval culture
(common law), common people try to stand up for her by asking the King that he at least give her a trial with a sentencing before he just kills her. (Romance 78) In asking this they are showing respect and love fo
77) Middle Ages
(common law), common people worked in agriculture to provide what they could to keep their families alive. However, in the eighth century Charlemagne succeeded in starting a small renaissance and uniting much
78) Robber Barons
(common law), common fantasy of patients with paranoid schizophrenia. Vonnegut takes all important experiences from his own life and puts them into his works. He doesn't necessarily use specific events, but ins
79) Rudyard Kipling - imperialism
(common law), common-man's poet" shown in this particular verse with his use of dialect. "I went into a public-'ouse to get a pint o' beer, The publican 'e up an' sez, 'We serve no red-coats here.'
80) Business ethics
(common law), common sense, if ever it was. Accidents need to be recorded if they result in lost time at work. Non-fatal injury cases that do not result in lost workdays also need to be recorded if they result
81) Creating a safe work environment
(common law), common in high school. Sometimes, older students taunt younger ones with sexual insults. This happened in one school where seventh graders were making sexual comments to a nine-year old girl on th
82) Implementation of diversity in the workplace
(common law), common resilient basis to achieve the same goals.As individuals and companies, we must learn more about diversity in general and in the workplace. As a manager, we need to learn how to understand valu
83) Knowledge worker
(common law), common sense. So what is it? And how will it affect who will be expected to manage the knowledge? Knowledge Management is all about organisations realising that they have assets that have never befor
84) Management of change
(common law), common language. Use of dialects was strongly discouraged. Television shows and radio programs in dialects were abandoned. This pretty much upset the older folks who felt that their old traditions and
85) Nike
(common law), common that they throw them out in the trash heap. The Observerin London reported in December of 1995 that an interview with a village head in Nikomas revealed that a young woman had collapsed from he
86) Social influence and leadership
(common law), common thinking. However, status used in this context will refer to the position an individual occupies. That position may have a great deal of prestige, as in the case of a judge, or it may carry v
87) Ambiguitatea semnificatiei adevarului
(common law), common trues) nu tin seama doar de calitatile perceptive sau de inzestrarile biologice ale fiecarui individ in parte, ci si de personalitatea, educatia primita, experienta de viata, gusturile personal
88) Characteristics of ethnic, religious and national conflicts in the post cold-war era
(common law), common histories, which are felt as sufficiently important shared characteristics to be potential sources of mobilisation. Ethnic difference will be assumed to include what might be thought of as subd
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